It's the familiar sounds of sirens floating above the scent of fresh soap.

It's the smell of spiced pumpkin bagel, toasted to a heady aroma of earthly spices.

It's the plumes of newly warmed air bellowing from under the mammoth rectangle of transitory passengers.

It's the way the morning sun reaches down between the canopies of foliage and socially distanced skyscrapers to plant a soft kiss on unsuspecting heads.

It's the way the breeze wafting from an ancient air-conditioning box tickles a wanton ficus leaf waiting for precisely this moment to take sail into the universe.

It's the way this city of mine fills my lungs and pores with the hymns of love, life and longing.

I stride between this world of iridescent textures and this wordless communion upon my sonic black star.

And I think I can be of this world even as I am without.

"...From bad luck
I'm walking away 
I'm not getting stuck 
I'm not gonna stay 
To good things
I'm moving ahead 
I'm tired of dying 
I'm living instead..."

(~ Madeleine Peyroux "Once In A While")

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