Fine Art Photography Wall Art

What happens when there is no language made for your grief and no words by which to name your sorrow? When there are no vessels capable of containing the sum of your loss... where does it all flow to? It spills into the world and you uncover your own reflection wherever you cast your eyes. You find yourself weep at the extraordinary depth of the fading blossom and hope soar anew at the sight of an unfurling micron of green. In my ongoing search for meaning and belonging, I found what I wasn’t able to articulate growing beneath my feet. In the fragility of the Australian flora changing through the seasons, I found myself in the poignant poetry of its motion. I don’t have the answers I so long to find. But through my lens, I sometimes catch a glimmer of that which our soul speaks of but of which Man has yet to discovered a language for. Here are my limited edition Museum Grade Gicleé Fine Art Photography Wall Prints. Each piece accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Free worldwide shipping & 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn of new release dates and pre-sales, please subscribe to my newsletter or contact me at